Why GOP doesn't want a 'grand bargain'

At CNN, historian Julian Zelizer argues that the GOP is pushing for a deficit reduction plan it doesn't really want.

Embracing the 'stupid party' label

The American Conservative's Rod Dreher wonders if anyone outside hardcore conservatives still likes Sarah Palin.

Rape is no laughing matter

Some Republicans are saying Ashley Judd has an "unnerving" "obsession" with rape, Mother Jones's Timothy Murphy reports.

Far-right throws sticks and stones at LGBT equality

At the Daily Beast, Jay Michaelson reports on a group of conservatives that argue gay marriage obstructs religious liberty.


AHIP launches TV campaign alerting seniors of threats to Medicare

The Hill's Sam Baker writes on the insurance industry’s lobbying efforts to block cuts to Medicare.

House Democrats unveil new budget

House Democrats released a new budget proposal on Monday that included $200 billion in stimulus spending and $1.2 trillion in additional taxes, according to The Hill's Erik Wasson.