Iraq War made Obamacare possible

Philip Klein writes in The Washington Examiner that the Iraq War helped now President Obama get elected in 2008.

Media upset about judge's overturn of Bloomberg soda ban

Liz Thatcher writes at News Busters that media pundits were openly supportive of New York Michael Bloomberg's (I) efforts to limit sugar intakes from largely sized sodas.

Ten years after

The New York Times editorial board reflects on the costs of the Iraq War.

Ryan's path to poverty

Ilana Novick of Demos's Policy Shop blog thinks that House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan's (R-Wisc.) budget plan cuts too deeply into federal expenditures.


Obama vows to learn if 'red line' crossed with Syria chemical attack

Obama said on Wednesday that he would look into a chemical weapons attack in Syria, according to The Hill's Jeremy Herb.

House rejects budget from Senate Democrats

The Hill's Pete Kasperowicz reports on the latest move by House Republicans  in opposition to Senate Democrats' proposed federal budget.