Why social conservatives are fighting the culture wars alone

Matt Lewis in The Daily Caller discusses why social conservatives are now without many allies in the Republican Party.

Low-information voters, low-information state

John Hayward of RedState uses illegal immigration as an example to argue why big government is ineffective.

At DOMA hearing, Chief Justice suggests gays are too powerful for equal protection

Nicole Flatow of ThinkProgress highlights some of the colorful statements made at Wednesday's Supreme Court oral arguments.

Promise to protect immigrant women's rights

Mallika Dutt argues in the Huffington Post that it's important to ensure that immigrant women are granted equal rights and that they be protected from acts of violence.


Conservative justices rip Obama

The Hill's Sam Baker reports on the criticism levied against President Obama by Justices John Roberts and Antonin Scalia for his handling of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Baucus to IRS: How did the 'Star Trek' video happen? Who's responsible?

Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) voiced disappointment about the IRS-created spoof Star Trek video, The Hill's Bernie Becker reports.