Let's hold ObamaCare to this standard: Do no harm
Cal Thomas of Fox News notes that as the third anniversary of ObamaCare passes, more doctors are looking for an early exit from the profession.

How to explain the weak job market?
Neil Irwin of Wonkblog searches for the link between economic stagnation and the availability of flexible workers.

The left's war on women
Ann Coulter at Right Wing News draws connections between Democratic gun laws and violence against women.

The NRA can still lose
The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky calls on five Senate Democrats to stand up for gun control.


President's budget to be released April 10, roughly two months late
President Obama will release his budget plan next week, two months after the February due date, The Hill's Amie Parnes and Erik Wasson report.

GOP Sen. Murkowski says her view on gay marriage is 'evolving'
The Hill's Daniel Strauss reports that the senator echoed President Obama in her comments about same-sex marriage.