Christ in a karmic age

Redstate's Erick Erickson argues that karmic thinking pollutes the mind and that people should instead focus on doing good things.

What to expect when Obama releases his budget

The Washington Monthly's Ed Kilgore explains why the tardiness of Obama's latest budget is meaningless.

The right-wing hucksters who dare not be named
The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf writes that the hyperbolic comments echoed by some pundits undermines the conservative movement.

Liz Cheney is even more bonkers than we suspected

New York magazine's Jonathan Chait argues that the former vice president's daughter's op-ed in The Wall Street Journal shows how and why Liz Cheney is out of touch.


Democrats seek to tie House Republicans to Don Young's racial slur

Democrats are trying to use Rep. Don Young's (R-Alaska) reference to "wetbacks" to their advantage, according to The Hill's Cameron Joseph.

Texas to pay to keep flight towers open

The Hill's Keith Laing reports on how the Lone Star State is trying to counter the consequences of the sequester.