Are you ready for Hillary Clinton?

Slate's David Weigel looks inside a super-PAC paving the way for her to make another presidential run.

Sen. Reid's new tax on guns
The Foundry's David S. Addington argues that a new Senate gun bill challenges Second Amendment rights.

Don't blame gay marriage

Jennifer Rubin on Right Turn warns readers not to blame trends like higher divorce or delayed marriage on gay rights.

Transgender rights: Coming to a school near you?

Time's Adam Cohen notes that transgender rights are following a similar public trajectory to the current gay rights movement.


Obama goes 2 for 22 on basketball court

The Hill's Emily Goodin reports that the president had a tough time on the basketball court during Monday's Easter Egg Roll.

Jeb Bush scheduled to speak in Dallas on the same day as Hillary Clinton

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will deliver speeches in Dallas on the same day, fueling speculation that each is preparing to run for president in 2016, The Hill's Daniel Strauss reports.