Mitch McConnell's campaign fundraises off secret audio
Mother Jones's Tim Murphy reports on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's reelection campaign is fundraising off of the release of a secret recording of a meeting of the Kentucky Republican's campaign staff. 

Huntsman: Our political culture is a national security risk

The American Conservative's Daniel McCarthy argues that Republicans have lost their way on foreign policy.

The war against the young

Victor Davis Hanson of National Review Online wonders whether President Obama building a conservative youth movement?

Obama's second-term agenda stalls

Howard Kurtz of The Daily Beast believes that Obama's agenda on guns, immigration, and the debt could all be danger.


Gang of Eight aiming to unveil immigration bill by Thursday

The so-called Senate Gang of Eight is planning to release its comprehensive immigration reform proposal on Thursday, according to The Hill's Alexander Bolton.

GAO finds billions in wasteful, duplicative spending

Fragmented, overlapping and duplicative executive branch agency programs are costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses annually, a new government study found, Ben Goad of The Hill reports.