Hosni Mubarak can't detained for corruption, not killing
Ed Krayewski of Reason provides an update on the trial of the former Egyptian President.

Obama can't blame Bush for deficits any longer 
Marc Thiessen argues in the Washington Post that President Obama has enacted enough policies while in office that with regards to budget deficits, the buck stops with him.

Roy Blunt raises specter of federal gun registry, despite explicit ban
The Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel thinks the Missouri Senator's pointed criticism of the Manchin-Toomey bill has no basis in fact.

Why Obama's chained-CPI "protections" aren't good enough 
The Nation's George Zornick explains why added protections in President Obama's budget don't make up for the cuts to Social Security in the form of chained-CPI.


Two explosions reported at Boston Marathon finish line
The Hill's Daniel Strauss reports on the latest developments in the unexpected tragedy at the annual Boston Marathon.

Obama signs STOCK Act modification
The rolled-back provision would require high-ranking government employees to put their financial information online, The Hill's Peter Schroeder reports.