Useless scoops

Ed Kilgore criticizes the New York Post for its early reporting on the bombing at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Garrett Quinn: What I saw at the Boston Marathon bombings

At Reason, Garrett Quinn recounts what he saw during the bombing.

House Democrats' Faustian bargain on Boston and the sequester
Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said the bombings are yet another example that the federal spending cuts referred to as the sequester should be repealed. The Atlantic's David A. Graham questions how right Hoyer is.

Air Force to ground 1 in 3 aircraft over budget concerns

At The Foundry, Genieve Syverson highlights a report saying the Air Force plans to ground a third of its fleet.

Obama: We don't know who was behind 'heinous cowardly attack'

President Obama dubbed the Boston bombing a terrorist attack on Tuesday, according to The Hill's Daniel Strauss and Justin Sink.

Democrats warn that sequester cuts undermine fight against terror

A number of top House Democrats warned that the sequester cuts could hinder the nation from fully responding to terror attacks, reports The Hill's Mike Lillis.