CNN's bad day
It was an historically bad day for CNN as it flubbed breaking news on the Boston bombing twice, writes the Washington Post's Erik Wemple.

Sanford crosses the line, maybe for the last time
Washington Monthly’s Ed Kilgore on what Sanford's latest transgression will mean for his bid for Senate.

Can Rubio's hip-hop bonafides pay dividends?
Scott Conroy at Real Clear Politics writes on the GOP star's unique area of expertise.

New NRA ad on background checks skews numbers
Slate’s William Saletan fact-checks a recent ad by the National Rife Association that claims 80 percent of police officers believe background checks have no effect on violent crime.


Senate rejects background checks bill
The Hill's Alexander Bolton reports on a big blow to President Obama's agenda.

FBI warns media to not report inaccuracies about Boston bombing
The Hill’s Jonathan Easley on the FBI chastising major media outlets for conflicting and inaccurate reports about the Boston marathon