Bush: Gracious even now

Jennifer Rubin, writing at her Right Turn blog, argues President Obama is President George W. Bush's most "ungracious of successors" and that "Obama owes much to Bush, (all Americans do, in fact)."

If Syria really used sarin, Obama must use force

Jeffrey Goldberg at Bloomberg News describes the effects of the chemical sarin and Obama's "red line" that Syria must not cross.

65 percent of coal powered plants may close thanks to EPA

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air argues that recent industry investments are a "big, wet slap in the face," to the coal industry.

Why These 2016 Democratic hopefuls aren't shying away from gun control

The NRA looks stronger than ever after Congress voted down a proposal to expand background check legislation. David Catanese at The Atlantic asks, what do a trio of governors know that their party's senators don't?


Reid: No ObamaCare 'exemption' for lawmakers, staff

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) shot down speculation about a possible "exemption" for lawmakers and staff from the central part of ObamaCare, The Hill's Sam Baker reports.

Judiciary to start piece-by-piece approach to immigration reform

Leaders of the House Judiciary Committee announced Thursday they would begin introducing a series of narrow immigration reform proposals, The Hill's Russell Berman reports.