Twilight of the middle class?

At Reuters, Chrystia Freeland analyzes a poll that found that 59 percent of people in the American middle class are worried of leaving that economic group in the next few years.

Bad behavior

Freddie deBoer strongly criticizes a column by Matthew Yglesias on safety rules.

Hagel: 'Don't know' if sanctions against Iran will work

The Corner's Elania Johnson highlights comments Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel made about sanctions on Iran.

How tough it is in the low-wage economy

Adam Doster, writing at Chicago magazine's The 312 blog, explains the current legislative struggles in Illinois to raise the minimum wage. 


Gates joins forces with Zuckerberg

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is one of a number of technology executives joining Mark Zuckerberg's lobbying firm, according to The Hill's Jennifer Martinez.

House moves to avert helium shortage

Lawmakers in the House voted to prevent the closing of the Federal Helium Reserve, reports The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath.