Democrats have little to gain from economic progress
Tom Raum of The Associated Press thinks President Obama’s policy successes won’t necessarily translate to ballot box victories for members of his party.

Cruz Control
Slate’s David Weigel takes issue with how Texas Sen. Ted Cruz casts himself as the hero in the gun control story.

Why did we forget about Gitmo?
The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky thinks the American public’s lack of outcry regarding Guantánamo proves that “we’ve become a pretty lousy people.”

Sissel vs. HHS: 'A battle for my liberty'
The American Spectator’s David Catron on the Iraq veteran who decided to take the healthcare law to court.


Conservative groups oppose chained CPI
The Hill’s Bernie Becker reports on the Club for Growth’s recent warning to the Obama administration about the tax-hiking dangers of slowing inflation rates on government programs.

Mayor of Charlotte named new DOT secretary
The Hill’s Keith Laing on Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx’s strong track record with public transportation.