Obama in charge but not in control

Zeke Miller at TIME magazine writes on Monday’s press conference in which President Obama bemoaned the limits of his power.

Obama channels President Clinton’s worst day in office
Ron Fournier at the National Journal says the president raised doubts about his own relevancy in a Monday press conference.

The myth of an all-powerful president
Greg Sargent at The Plumline says the media holds the president to a higher standard than it does Congress when it comes to Washington gridlock.

Don’t buy the conservative ‘slippery slope’ argument
Cass Sunstein at Bloomberg says conservatives fall back on the slippery slope argument when they have nothing left to stand on.


Obama bristles at suggestions that his second-term agenda is failing

Justin Sink at The Hill reports the president put his exasperation on display at Monday’s press conference.

Obama’s relationship with GOP at a new low
Molly K. Hooper at The Hill reports on the perpetual downward slide in Washington.