All aboard the ACA train
Come 2014, the Affordable Care Act will be in full swing. New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait gives his take on whether it will be the "train wreck" Republicans are expecting.

100 Angry men
The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson looks at the 100 prisoners taking part in the Guantánamo hunger strike.

A second shot at the gun bill?
The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift looks at the post-gun-bill backlash on Senate Republicans and whether the bill has a chance for revival.

Why I could never be a liberal
The Week’s Matt K. Lewis is a conservative who’s frequently at odds with his peers. Here’s why he will never switch political sides.


White House press secretary defends gun control activists
The Hill’s Justin Sink reports on White House press secretary Jay Carney defending gun control activists who are confronting their lawmakers.

Obama approves bill to ease flight delays
The Hill’s Keith Laing reports on President Obama signing the bill to end FAA furloughs that have been delaying flights at airports nationwide.