Benghazi truths and lies
The American Enterprise Institute’s Norman Orstein says that Congress acted “like moths to a flame” in going after the truth on Benghazi, Libya.
News on Benghazi not fit to print?
Commentary’s Rick Richman argues that the latest congressional hearing on Benghazi was not the front-page story some thought it was.

Should labor leaders go after big banks?
The American Prospect’s Sarah Jaffe says that union workers victimized by the bad economy should “stick it” to the financial institutions that are responsible for their condition.

Delaying Medicaid expansion an Obamacare bargaining chip
The Washington Examiner’s Yevginey Feyman looks at the states that have put the brakes on expanding Medicaid and their options for the future.


Obama calls for $9 minimum wage
The Hill’s Amie Parnes reports that the president advocated for raising the federal minimum wage to $9 in Austin, Texas, on Thursday.

Lawmakers scold OMB on missed deadline
The Hill’s Ben Goad looks at how the Office of Management and Budget has drawn the ire of the House Oversight Committee.