Finally, a real scandal for conservatives to chew on
Mother Jones's Kevin Drum says that with the IRS's recent admission of audit targeting, conservatives are right to make a fuss.

Why does the press still take the Heritage Foundation seriously?
The Nation's Reed Richardson advises the media that it’s the time to start treating the Heritage Foundation like "the permanent political campaign shop" that it is.

Obama burned by 'tanning tax'
Newsmax's Dick Armey says ObamaCare's 'tanning bed tax' does not live up to expectation.

Rise of the Republican governors
City Journal's Steven Malanga is not convinced of the 'new liberal era.'


IRS admits targeting Tea Party
The IRS is apologizing for flagging Tea Party groups for a higher level of scrutiny but says its employees were not targeting conservative outfits for partisan reasons, report The Hill's Bernie Becker and Cameron Joseph.

Obama to tout health law amid Democratic worries over 2014
President Obama will make a public defense of his signature healthcare law Friday, using Mother's Day as a backdrop, reports The Hill's Sam Baker.