Top conservative publication defends linking Hispanics to low IQ

Thinkprogress's Zack Beauchamp goes after National Review's defense of Jason Richwine's dissertation on IQ and race.

Two cheers for the elite policy consensus

Our society is becoming more and more humane, argues Josh Barro at Bloomberg View.

Obama is not weak on terrorism

At The Week, Paul Brandus pushes back on the argument that President Obama is an unusually weak president on terrorism.

The WaPo keeps fighting on food aid

Simon Lester at Cato-at-Liberty praises a Washington Post editorial on foreign aid and "domestic agricultural interest."


Carney: White House lawyers knew of IRS investigation in April

Press secretary Jay Carney said Monday that the White House had been informed in April that the IRS's Cincinnati field office was being investigated for applying extra scrutiny to Tea Party groups, according to The Hill's Justin Sink.

Ways and Means sets hearing on IRS

The powerful House Ways and Means committee has scheduled a hearing to investigate the IRS targeting Tea Party groups, reports The Hill's Peter Schroeder.