From Watergate to Lewinksy to Benghazi
National Journal’s Ron Brownstein says President Obama is joining a long line of presidents impacted by scandals in their second terms.

What Benghazi and the IRS scandals have in common
Townhall’s Michael Barone says both scandals show the White House attempting to win approval under false pretenses.

Generation Liberal
The Guardian’s Harry Enten says Millennials are liberal but haven't overtaken the electorate yet.

Can Big Government be ever stopped?
The American Conservative’s James Bovard reviews a new book by James Antle that looks at how politicians and activists can work to curb federal spending.


Obama nominates new IRS commissioner
The Hill’s Amie Parnes
reports that President Obama has appointed the OMB’s Danny Werfel to be acting director of the IRS.

New rules for fracking
The Hill’s Ben Geman looks at the Interior Department’s revised proposal to regulate the oil and gas development known as “fracking.”