Republicans shouldn’t let the facts speak for themselves
Daily Intel's Jonathan Chait says the conventional wisdom — that Republicans should soberly approach the three potential scandals facing the White House — should be ignored

White House scandals will help immigration reform
Slate's Dave Weigel argues the trio of controversies will give House Republicans cover to compromise on an comprehensive plan

Strange goings-on at the White House
National Review's John Fund says the president remains disengaged even as his inner circle plays politics

Five questions about the AP surveillance
Right Turn's Jennifer Rubin details her questions about the subpoena of reporter phone records


Issa subpoenas Benghazi auditor Thomas Pickering
The House Oversight Committee chairman subpoenaed the co-author of the report after a heated exchange over public versus private testimony, The Hill's Julian Pecquet reports.

IRS chief defends targeting as not illegal
Acting IRS chief Steven Miller said the scrutiny was "obnoxious" but not against the law, The Hill's Bernie Becker and Peter Schroeder report.

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