Political scandals don’t reach the Heartland

The Week’s Paul Brandus thinks the only Americans obsessed with Washington scandals live in Washington.

Bridging divide between two Americas

The Fix’s Chris Cillizza analyzes what polls say about how two sides of the nation reacted to recent political scandals

Politics is a rich man’s game

Mother Jones’s Andy Kroll reports on how a few key bankrollers are already influencing the 2016 election

Is conservatism a form of depressive realism?
The American Conservative’s Rod Dreher looks at how conservative thought has shaped various civilizations.


AFL-CIO wages war against Facebook over immigration
The Hill’s Jennifer Martinez reports on how the nation’s largest labor group thinks the tech industry is harmful to the American worker.

White House knew about IRS targeting

White House officials knew about an inspector general report on the IRS applying a higher level of scrutiny to Tea Party groups prior to news on the matter becoming public but those officials did not inform president Obama, according to The Hill's Jonathan Easley.