The Iranian elections don't matter

The American Enterprise Institute's Michael Rubin argues the presidency in Iran is more style than substance.

Social insecurity and the Obama administration

The Progressive's Clarence Lusane says President Obama is betraying himself and his base by agreeing to entitlement cuts.

The Hillary Clinton movie: the winners and losers

The New Republic's Michael Schaffer explains who is portrayed positively and negatively in an upcoming biopic about Hillary Clinton. 

Moorehouse grads reflection on Obama's commencement speech
The American Spectator's Ross Kaminsky writes an open letter to Anré Darel Washington in response to a CNN interview, urging the recent Morehouse College grad to consider conservative rather than liberal politics.


White House supports Senate farm bill; calls for more subsidy cuts

The White House on Monday said it supports passage of the $955 billion Senate farm bill, while also calling for deeper cuts to subsidy programs, reports The Hill's Erik Wasson.

Team Obama digs in, fights to get agenda back on track amid scandals

The White House is circling the wagons as one of the most feverish periods of Obama’s tenure enters its second week, according to The Hill's Niall Stanage.