GOP itching for impeachment
Daily Intel's Jonathan Chait chronicles the Republican voices ready to impeach President Obama

Abortion may doom Republicans again
Salon's Irin Camron says arch-conservatives in Virginia provide another test for Republicans weighing the direction of their party

The Pinocchio Administration
National Review's Victor Davis Hanson says the Obama Administration won through intimidation and cover-up

Immigration reform bill more big government
Bill Kristol told the Laura Ingraham Show that the bill was "a classic, huge, Rube Goldberg, bureaucracy-creating" machine


McConnell won't block immigration bill
The Senate Majority Leader said that he would green light the bill despite protests from some conservative leaders, The Hill's Alexander Bolton reports

White House threatens veto of Keystone bill
The House is set to pass legislation on Wednesday that would expedite construction of the pipeline, The Hill's Zack Colman reports