The 21 greatest conservative rap songs of all time

The American Enterprise Institute's Stan Veuger compiles a list of 21 rap songs with conservative themes.

Woolwich, Boston, and End of the War on Terror
The New Yorker's John Cassidy compares speeches that President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron delivered Thursday on terrorism.

When freedom threatens social stability

In order to fight inequality, conservatives should embrace an approach to public policy that includes supporting universal healthcare and braking up major banks the way the Glass-Steagall law did, Andrew Sullivan argues at The Daily Dish.

Heckler-in-chief: CodePink's Medea Benjamin

The Progressive's Ed Rampell shares an April interview with Medea Benjamin, the woman who interrupted Obama's speech on Thursday.


Obama fails to return Marine's salute

President Obama boarded Marine One on Friday without returning the salute of the Marine who stood at the helicopter's steps. The president then reemerged from the chopper, to shake hands with the Marine, according to The Hill's Amie Parnes.

Dems accuse GOP of 'making up scandals out of thin air'
In an email to supporters, DNC Spokesman Brad Woodhouse writes that Republicans' accusations of scandals aren't legitimate, reports The Hill's Cameron Joseph.