The mystery of America's amazingly resilient economy
James Pethokoukis of AEIdeas notes that the private sector of the American economy is growing at a satisfactory pace and that government austerity has little to no impact on its overall performance.

Obama's 'war on journalism' just a skirmish, argues Reuters media critic 
Dan Gainor writes on that Jack Shafer is a misguided anomaly in the press when it comes to his views on whether it was right or wrong for the Department of Justice to wiretap journalists from The Associated Press as well as James Rosen of Fox News.

Man of the (rich) people
Salon's Joan Walsh says that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's (R) policies for improving the economy primarily benefit the top 1 percent of income earners even though he says they're meant to help the 47 percent of Americans who rely on some form of government assistance.

China's 'gift' to the US over North Korea
The Nation's Bob Dreyfuss argues that China is pressuring North Korea behind the scenes to engage more in talks in order to limit its nuclear weapons arsenal.


Ricin letters target Bloomberg, Obama over gun control debate
The FBI is investigating whether the letters containing the deadly substance that were sent to both President Obama and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg came from the same source, The Hill's Jordy Yager reports.

White House says health law already boosting competition
The Obama administration used the request of over 100 insurance plans to sell their products through ObamaCare's insurance exchanges in order to justify their claim that the Affordable Care Act has already started to boost competition in the marketplace, The Hill's Sam Baker reports.