Christie selects the best of three poor choices
The Fix’s Aaron Blake thinks
New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie’s decision to New Jersey’s special Senate election on October 16th rather than the same date as the general election was the lesser of three evils.

Obama appoints Rice and Power, shows Republicans he’s not afraid
The Daily Beast’s Peter Beinart thinks President Obama’s appointments of Susan Rice and Samantha Power make a statement that “ he no longer cares what the GOP thinks about his foreign policy.”

Panetta may have leaked top secret info
Former Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta “disclosed top secret information” during the time he was CIA director while at an event in June 2011 honoring participants in the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden, The Washington Times’ Shaun Waterman reports.

Supreme Court may be pushing America in sci-fi direction

The American Conservative’s Jonathan Coppage thinks the court's recent DNA ruling may be sending us into a world like Gattica, a 1990s science fiction movie chronicaling a futuristic world where DNA determined a caste system in society.


GOP senators stand on both sides of Obama’s appointment
With reluctant words, Republican senators agree to work with newly appointed National Security Advisor Susan Rice, while others still question the President’s decision, The Hill’s Julian Pecquet and Daniel Strauss report.

President faces pressure from military to veto sexual assault policy bill
Obama will soon be forced to choose between members of his party and military leaders as he takes a position on whether or not to veto the Defense Department on a proposed change to the sexual assault policy in the military that would shift the chain of command, The Hill’s Jeremy Herb reports.