Stop freaking out about surveillance
Slate’s Will Saletan thinks the NSA phone surveillance program was limited, supervised and hardly Orwellian.

Long wait for judicial nominees not unique to Obama administration
As far as waiting for judicial nominees goes, The Washington Examiner’s Byron York thinks President Obama hasn’t had it worse than his predecessors.

Victorious 2014 election a “false positive” for GOP
National Journal’s Ronald Brownstein thinks a falloff in minority and youth voting during non-presidential elections will cause a “false positive” for the GOP in 2014.

Incompetence no excuse for the IRS
The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan thinks pleading incompetence is too convenient of a cop-out for an agency so constantly in the wrong.


CBO estimates federal budget to be $627 billion
The Hill’s Erik Wasson reports that the federal deficit dropped $217 billion from last year, mostly due to an increase in tax revenue.

Obama draws up overseas target list for cyberattacks
The Hill’s Jeremy Herb on a top-secret White House directive that indicates the U.S. was scoping for future cyber targets abroad.