Conservatives should not abandon Boy Scouts
Robert Long of The American Conservative thinks that Southern Baptists and other socially conservative groups should not be so quick to sever ties with the Boy Scouts of America after the decision to allow gay scouts.

Nancy Pelosi calls abortion issue 'sacred ground'
The Corner's Kathryn Jean Lopez writes that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) avoided a tough question from a reporter about abortion by hiding behind a religious answer.

The Supreme Court denies a private companies ability genes
The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled against the ability of a private corporation to own a patent on naturally occurring genes, which is a victory for all Americans, writes TPM's Josh Marshall.

GOP lawmakers only appear to support immigration reform
According to The Atlantic's Molly Ball, many Republicans are only offering support for the bill with increased border protection in an attempt to kill the bill.


House Intelligence panel says Snowden lied
Leading House Intelligence Committee members have said the Snowden lied about having access to the information that he has leaked to reporters, according to The Hill's Mike Lillis

Former president offers Syria advice to Obama
Former President Clinton has offered President Obama advice on handling the situation in Syria, which the president is very open to accepting, writes The Hill's Justin Sink.