Obama pulled in two directions, America left in the dark
The Washington Post's Charles Krauthammer asks the administration, is Obama closing the war on terror, or has it just begun?

ObamaCare info revealed, life for the poor looks bleak
The Washington Times thinks Obamacare will severely hurt, not help, the poor, as more information is revealed. 

Arming Syrians hard sell
The American Conservative's W. James Antle III thinks President Obama's possible arming of Syrians would be a bad choice for American foreign policy. 

GOP treading water
The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky thinks the GOP is going backwards in its attempt to moderate. 


Arizona law overturned with ease
The Hill's Daniel Strauss reports the Supreme Court overturned an Arizona Law, 7-2, that required people to prove their citizenship before they could use a federal registration system making signing up to vote easier. 

McCain's disdain towards Obama adminstration over email accounts 
The Hill's Julian Hattem reports Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) distrust of the Obama administration's allowance of private email accounts for top officials.