Cruz out of line immigration reform bill
Right Turn's Jennifer Rubin criticizes Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) stance against the immigration reform bill, saying he is working too hard to impress party officials rather than focusing on his constituents.

Military will scrap $7 billion worth of equipment once troops leave Afghanistan
Hot Air's Ed Morrissey thinks the U.S. will benefit from scrapping old military equipment rather than paying to ship it back to the states.

Presidential portraits: A thing of the past?
Wonkblog's Katherine Boyle highlights the high price of professional portraits and questions whether the traditional expenditures are worth it.

NYC mayor increases push for gun control
The Daily Beast's David Freedlander writes that New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg (I) asked voters to snub officials who voted against gun control in order to gain more support for himself.


House rejects farm bill
The House's rejection of the farm bill is a blow to House GOP leaders, The Hill's Pete Kasperowicz reports.

Democrats and Tea Party Republicans support bill to limit aid to Syria
Democrats have found an unlikely ally in Tea Party Republicans in an effort to limit U.S. aid to the Syrian rebels, reports The Hill's Julian Pecquet.