NPR's bro scale needs more diversity

Robert Charette of the Washington Free Beacon critiques an NPR blog post on "What Constitutes Being A Bro."

Immigration, GOP's fresh start?

Right Turn's Jennifer Rubin thinks the passage of immigration reform would push forward a different kind of GOP.

Obama will be forced to bring in big guns over climate issues

The Plum Line's Greg Sargent argues that President Obama may have to use executive action early on in upcoming debates over environmental policy.
Can overseers in Congress really be trusted to keep watch?

Mother Jones's David Corn questions GOP House members' ability to provide surveillance oversight.


A future of women being drafted a possibility

Fifty-nine percent of Americans think women should be eligible to be drafted, The Hill's Carlo Muñoz reports.

Bill O'Reilly behind Gang of Eight

The Hill's Jonathan Easley reports that Fox News Host Bill O'Reilly endorsed the Gang of Eight's immigration reform proposal on his show Thursday night.