Snowden: A traitor and a hero
Hot Air's Ed Morrissey says Edward Snowden became a hero by exposing government secrets, but is a traitor for sharing the secrets with other countries.

Sen. Harry Reid is responsible for dysfunctional Senate
The Corner's Andrew Johnson writes that the Senate majority leader's policies are not allowing most bills to make it to the floor for a vote, and it is holding back progress.

IRS targeted liberal groups too
The IRS didn't only target conservative groups, but also liberal groups applying for nonprofit status, according to Mother Jones's Andy Kroll.

Court ruling a lifeline for the GOP
Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall writes that the Supreme Court's decision to knock down the Voting Rights Act gives the GOP a chance to survive on the white vote alone.


Supreme Court overturns crucial portion of Voting Rights Act
The Supreme Court struck down the part of the Voting Rights Act that requires states with a history of voter discrimination to receive congressional clearance before changing voting laws, reports The Hill's Sam Baker.

Senate to miss deadline to keep student loans down
The Senate is poised to miss the July 1 deadline to pass legislation that would keep student loans from doubling, writes The Hill's Pete Kasperowicz.