Immigration Bill doesn't really need Rubio
Allahpundit, of Hot Air, believes Marco Rubio is not contributing to the immigration reform bill as much as he believes he is. 

Stand with Wendy
Wonkblog’s Lydia DePillis believes Sen. Wendy Davis’ (D-TX) filibuster against a Texas abortion bill could serve as an example to keeping future abortion bills from becoming law. 

Congress doesn’t decide what is unconstitutional
Liberals are incorrectly analyzing the Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down part of the Voter Rights Act, says Jennifer Rubin of Washington Post’s Right Turn.

“Without equality, there can be no dignity”
Mother Jones’ Erik Kain believes the Supreme Court's decision to strike down DOMA is ultimately in the best interests of the American family. 


Dems to push additional protections for gay couples
Democratic lawmakers said they intend to introduce legislation that further protects gay and lesbian couples, believing Wednesday’s ruling of DOMA does not do enough,
reports The Hill’s Mike Lillis

Senate passes 'border surge' amendment to immigration reform
In a 69-29 vote, the Senate passed an amendment for immigration reform that would increase security spending by $30 billion to further secure the border, according to The Hill’s Ramsey Cox.