Ted Cruz’s adversarial relationship with facts
Right Turn’s Jennifer Rubin says that Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s claim to have received “more than 40 percent” of the Hispanic vote in 2012 is more fiction than a reality, and that his exaggerations could cost him in the long run.
Some advice for Obama
The Corner’s Daniel Pipes says that attacking Iranian nuclear facilities would be a positive turnaround for the Obama administration.
The GOP has no interest in reform
The Plum Line's Jamelle Bouie says that Republicans are doubling down on the policies that have crippled them in recent elections.

What The Weather Channel knows that Republicans don't

The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn says that The Weather Channel could teach Republicans a lesson or two about the importance of addressing climate change.


Obama administration finalizes birth control mandate
The final rules on ObamaCare’s birth-control coverage mandate are out, The Hill’s Elise Viebeck reports.
Consumer confidence reaches a post-recession high
Sluggish growth isn't keeping consumers from being bullish on the economy, The Hill’s Erik Wasson reports.