Transparency serves a double purpose
Wonkblog’s Timothy Lee believes a more transparent government would not only build Americans’ trust, but also crack down on illegal activity.

'Mini-DOMAS' are the new focus
Last week’s strike down of the Defense of Marriage Act doesn’t offer much help for 28,500 same-sex couples who are dealing with state level bans, says Margaret Talbot of The New Yorker.

Is President Obama incompetent?
Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey says it’s too early to see if President Obama will be damaged by the recent scandals plaguing the White House.

Paying for 'chaos'
Egypt is on the “brink of chaos,” says Right Turn’s Jennifer Rubin, and if America is going to continue with financially aiding the country, she believes we must have stricter standards.


West raps Lady Gaga for ‘defiling’ National Anthem with ‘home of the gays’ lyric
Lady Gaga’s rendition of the National Anthem for the New York City gay pride rally was not well received by all, reports The Hill’s Judy Kurtz.

White House responds to petitions, condemns Westboro protests 
A petition asking the White House for an official response to the Westboro Baptist Church was finally answered with the administration calling the group’s activities “reprehensible,” according to Daniel Strauss of The Hill.