Immigration reform has a slim chance of passing in House
The Washington Post's Greg Sargent says immigration reform needs around 20 Republicans and most Democrats on board if it's going to pass the House.

Spitzer electable despite scandal
The Daily Beast's Daniel Gross says Eliot Spitzer has a good chance of winning his campaign for New York City comptroller despite his past prostitution scandal.

Gay and civil rights movements share similarities
The American Conservative's David Lamp says there are parallels between the civil rights and gay rights movements.

Obama and the Senate's quick fixes on unbroken items
The Corner's Michael Walsh says Democrats in Washington are hastily trying to fix things that aren't broken.


White House deals with complexity in Egypt
White House press secretary Jay Carney said that ending aid to Egypt is not presently in the best interest for the United States, The Hill's Justin Sink reports.

Rick Perry will not seek reelection
Texas Gov. Rick Perry won't seek reelection in 2014, but could be ramping up for a potential presidential run, The Hill's Cameron Joseph reports.