America should stand strong against Middle eastern pressure

Right Turn's Jennifer Rubin writes that America should not change its policy regarding Egypt.

National Atheist Party attempting to change image
The National Atheist Party is changing its name to the Secular Party of America in order to attract a new voters, according to The Corner's Dimitrios Halikias.

Hostess considers making snacks healthier
Wonkblog's Lydia DePillis writes that Hostess is considering making its products more healthy to avoid the problems that financially crippled the company in the first place.

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz attempt to relate to women voters
Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) are supporting new legislation on meant to curb sexual assault in the military in order to attract women voters, argues the Daily Beast's Elise Jordan.


Snowden must stop leaks to gain asylum

The Hill's Justin Sink reports that Russia has agreed to grant Edward Snowden asylum under the condition that he stops leaking harmful information about the U.S.

Gas prices over $3 a gallon permanently
Officials from AAA say gas may never fall lower than $3 per gallon again in the United States, according to The Hill's Zack Colman.