America: The World's Police

Right Turn's Jennifer Rubin thinks that it is time for Democrats to stop fighting America's image as the world's police when that is exactly what their policy suggests.

'Stand your ground' laws do not increase violence
According to Hot Air's Ed Morrissey, a simple look at the statistics shows that states with "stand your ground" laws do not have a noticeable uptick in violent crimes.

Increase in domestic oil and gas production presents danger

Wonkblog's Brad Plummer argues that the recent boom in domestic gas-and-oil production has created more accidents because the country's infrastructure is not quite ready to handle such a large load.

Africa is but an afterthought to the Obama administration

President Obama's recent trip to Africa was more out of obligation than a desire to better know and help the region because his interest has always lied in the Middle East, according to Marty Peretz at The Daily Beast.


White House avoids answering question about Rolling Stone cover

Press secretary Jay Carney stated that the White House does not have an official stance on the appearance of the Boston bomber on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine, reports The Hill's Justin Sink.

King considering run in 2016

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) sees himself as the most serious potential GOP candidate for the presidential race in 2016 and has not ruled out running for the office, according to The Hill's Alexandra Jaffe.