Obama has lost his optimism on race
Wonkblog's Ezra Klein says the president's Trayvon Martin speech Friday contrasts starkly with his 2008 address, where he signaled a belief that words, policies and conversations could heal old and deep wounds.

House's heavy work load?
The Examiner's Byron York notes that despite a packed legislative agenda, the House of Representatives will only meet nine times in September.

How America profiled Trayvon Martin and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Salon's Roxane Gay says the two men both serve as examples that we should stop projecting our fears onto profiles built from stereotypes.

Gillibrand's sexual assault bill is misguided
The editors of the National Review argue that the senator's bill would replace the presumption of innocence with one of guilt.


Obama: 'Trayvon Martin could have been me'
The president looks to contextualize the Zimmerman verdict in a surprise address, The Hill's Justin Sink reports.

Duncan: House bill 'a retreat from high standards'
Education Secretary Arne Duncan called the GOP bill "a huge step backward for efforts to improve academic achievement," The Hill's Julian Hattem reports.