Military options help Obama stay put on Syria

The Pentagon's options on helping Syria are nothing but another example of the military offering the president options so bad that his agenda is the only reasonable option to push, according to Right Turn's Jennifer Rubin.

Detroit bailout should not happen
Hot Air's Ed Morrissey writes that the lack of support for a bailout of Detroit within the state of Michigan is a strong indicator that a bailout should not happen at all.

White House must focus its attention on young adults to pass Obamacare
It is important for the Obama Administration to focus its attention on young, unisured adults in order to pass its healthcare bill. To reach them, they need to continue to map out where these young adults are living and how they are getting their information, according to Wonblog's Sarah Kliff.

Drill, baby drill to save Detroit

At The American Specator's Spectacle blog, Matt Purple critiques a recent column by New York Times columnist Paul Krugman on Detroit.


Obamacare debate could shut down government

Some Republicans are working on a plan to block any government spending resolution that relates to the Obama administration's healthcare reform law, writes The Hill's Alexander Bolton.

Possible new regulations on menthol cigarettes

The Hill's Julian Hattem reports that the federal government is considering possible regulations on menthol and other flavored cigarettes based on health concerns.