No more blowouts over fossil fuels
The Daily Beast’s Mark Ruffalo thinks recent gas explosions in the Mexican Gulf means we need to kick fossil fuels to the curb. 

IRS “scandal”needs to come to an end
Alec MacGillis writes in The New Republic that Republicans won the IRS scandal, and the Democrats helped them. 

Colorblindness is an insult 
Matthew C.Whitaker in the Arizona Republic thinks that in the wake of the Trayvon Martin, the notion of “colorblindness” could be dangerous. 

Is racism an unsolvable problem? 
Townhall’s Kevin McCullough thinks both parties played a role in inciting further racial tension in the dizzying aftermath of the Travyon Martin case. 


Meet between HRC and Obama was really “just lunch”
The Hill’s Justin Sink reports that Monday’s lunch meeting between the President and former Secretary of State was purely social. 

Dead farmers reaping in federal dollars
The Hill’s Erik Wasson reports on suspicions that the  Agriculture Department is sending millions of dollars in crop insurance tax subsidies to farmers who have already died.