Patriot or traitor?
The Atlantic’s Andy Cohen says the way Americans view Bradley Manning today will be radically different from how they view him in the future.

The “insane” GOP
Sanjay Sanghoee of The Huffington Post says that the GOP’s stance on the debt ceiling is wrong and indefensible.

Rubio's long game
Marco Rubio’s commitment to defunding Obamacare is less a principles-based move than it is a political maneuver to get him back in the GOP’s favor, says Right Turn’s Jennifer Rubin.
Time to go, Weiner
After his Director of Communications called a former intern multiple foul names, it's finally time for Anthony Weiner to quit his mayoral campaign, says Hot Air’s Allahpundit.
Obama defends Summers
President Obama stepped up to defend Larry Summers from liberals who said he would be unfit to serve as the new chairman of the Federal Reserve, reports The Hill’s Mike Lillis and Peter Schroeder.

Obama reassures Dems: Obamacare on the ‘right side of history’
President Obama spoke with House and Senate Democrats to reassure the party that Obamacare is still important, and supporting it is to stand on the “right side of history,” according to Elise Viebeck of The Hill.