Ariel Castro's thousand-year sentence
Jilani Cobb at The New Yorker reacts to the sentencing of Arial Castro, the man who held captive multiple women for years.

Tausche vs. Kopecki?
Business Insider's Linette Lopez looks at who first broke news of the Justice Department's lawsuit of Bank of America.

Yemeni engineer begs Obama to stop murdering his family with drones
Faisal bin Ali Jaber, the brother of a respected Muslim cleric, wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to change the United States's policy on drone use, according to Scott Shackford at Reason's Hit & Run blog.

Blame Benghazi syndrome for embassy shutdown, says key congressman

The State Department's travel alert on Friday is just an attempt to cover itself in the event of another "Bengazi-style attack," Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) told Foreign Policy's The Cable blog. 


House votes 232-185 to block the IRS from enforcing ObamaCare

The House voted Friday to stop the Internal Revenue Service from implementing the Obama adminstration's healthcare reform law, according to The Hill's Pete Kasperowicz.

Postal reform revived in senate

Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) released a new proposal to help save the United States Postal Service, writes The Hill's Bernie Becker.