A plea for caution from Russia
Vladimir Putin writes a controversial op-ed in The New York Times urging caution from the U.S. on a proposed military strike against Syria.

Obama’s foreign policy is a failure
James Carafano at Fox News says Obama is practicing “meat ball foreign policy.”

Obama’s actions have worked in Syria
Fareed Zakaria writes at The Washington Post that whether by luck or by skill, the president has reinforced international norms in Syria.

Obama’s stunning incompetence
Joe Klein at Time says the president has bungled the administration’s response to the crisis in Syria.


Menendez said Putin op-ed made him want ‘to vomit’
Rebecca Shabad at The Hill has a report on a leading Democrat’s response to Putin’s plea.

Obama remains hopeful on talks with Russia
The president is optimistic that despite recent struggles, the U.S. and Russia will find common ground on Syria, Alexander Bolton at The Hill reports.