Obama previously declined Syrian rebels’ requests for gas masks

The Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin reports Syrian opposition groups had requested a year ago that the U.S. provide them with gas masks and chemical weapons protection gear, and the administration said no. 

McCain may have penned op-ed for the wrong ‘Pravda’

CNN reports the senator from Arizona may have submitted an op-ed responding to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s op-ed to the wrong Russian newspaper. 

Robert Gates has written a book on ‘political wars’

The former defense secretary, USA Today reports, has a book coming out Jan. 14. He writes about his “political war with Congress” each day he was in office. 

George Stephanopoulos flew to Beirut to interview Assad, but it was then called off

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter says the ABC News anchor was invited by the Assad government to interview the Syrian president as a rebuttal to President Obama’s speech to the nation on Syria last week. But after he flew to Lebanon, Assad canceled the meeting. 

Martha Coakley to run for Massachusetts governor

The state’s attorney general, a Democrat, announced her run for governor in a video on her campaign website Monday. The Boston Globe first reported the news Sunday. 


Navy evaluating security at other bases

Navy leaders, The Hill’s Carlo Munoz says, is looking at security measures at their other bases and installations in the wake of the mass shooting at Washington’s Navy Yard Monday. 

Obama accuses GOP of “irresponsibility” on debt ceiling

The Hill’s Justin Sink reports President Obama said Monday Republicans have an unwillingness to compromise over the budget as Congress debates looming fiscal issues.