Ann Curry interviews new Iranian president

Hassan Rouhani told the NBC News correspondent that he will not develop nuclear weapons. He sat down with her Wednesday in his first interview with a U.S. news outlet since his election in June. 

Navy Yard shooter carved messages into his gun

Aaron Alexis, the shooter who allegedly killed 12 people in Washington’s Navy Yard Monday carved “bizarre phrases” into the stock of his shotgun before the massacre, according to The Washington Post

Assad’s chemical weapons could wind up in Russia?

A senior State Department official suggested in Geneva that Russia could be tasked with destroying Syria’s chemical arsenal, according to Foreign Policy’s R. Jeffrey Smith. Their isolation and destruction is at the core of the diplomatic deal Russia and the United States proposed. 

Federal $33 million grant to prevent Alzheimer’s 

The New York Times reports the federal government has announced it’s giving $33.2 million to help fund a clinical to test a treatment on patients who have symptoms of the disease. 

Russia says it has proof rebels behind chemical attack

Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reports Syria has handed over new evidence that shows rebels were responsible for the chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs last month. 


House cancels late September recess

The Hill’s Erik Wassons reports the House has canceled the recess it had scheduled late this month in order to consider a government spending bill needed to avoid a government shutdown Oct. 1. 

White House says GOP engaged in an ‘all-out civil war’

Press Secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday the administration accuses Speaker Boehner of appeasing a small group of House conservatives to consider a government spending bill that would defund Obamacare. The Hill’s Justin Sink reports.