Israel created LinkedIn for Iranian president

The Daily Beasts Eli Lake reports the Israeli embassy in Washington tweeted a link Monday to a parody LinkedIn account it made for Hassan Rouhani. 

Al Shabaab in Nairobi Attack

The group that claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack at an upscale Nairobi mall Saturday may either be in its rebirth phase, or demise, reports Clinton Watts at Foreign Policy

DC may remain open under a government shutdown

District leaders debated Tuesday whether to keep the city open if the federal government shuts down Oct. 1. The Washington Post has the story. 

EU threatens to freeze data-sharing deal

The Guardian reports the European Union is threatening to suspend a deal it has with the United States to track terrorists’ funding. 

Israel still skeptical of Iran’s promises

After President Obama’s speech at the UN General Assembly Tuesday, The New York Times said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his doubts over Iran’s willingness to discuss its nuclear program. 


Cruz: People in wheelchairs ask me to stop Obamacare

The Republican senator from Texas, who is delivering as long a speech as he can on the budget debate, made the comment on the Senate floor. The Hill’s Ramsey Cox reports

Bono imitates Bill Clinton

Singer and humanitarian Bono demonstrated his impression at the Clinton Global Initiative Tuesday before speaking on a panel with the former president. It was spot on, The Hill’s Judy Kurtz reports