Cruz foreshadowed his Senate role

Elizabeth Williamson of the Wall Street Journal digs up an interview from Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) 2012 campaign, showing  his early rhetoric matches today’s.

Bill Clinton likes Chelsea for president

Over the long term, Chelsea Clinton would make a better president than Hillary, Bill Clinton told CNN on Wednesday.

Twitter introduces emergency alerts

Twitter introduced a program to send disaster and emergency alerts issued from government agencies to those who sign up, Reuters reports

NSA spied on Senators in the 60s

Foreign Policy reports that declassified National Security Agency documents show it spied on Sens. Frank Church (D-Idaho) and Howard Baker (R-Tenn.) during the late 1960s and early 1970s.


Mayor calls for DC exemption 

Washington Mayor Vincent Gray informed the White House he will attempt to classify all District employees as exempt from furloughs if the government shuts down, Erik Wasson reports for The Hill.

Navy Yard video released

The FBI released surveillance video showing Aaron Alexis’s attack on Navy Yard that killed 12 people, Rebecca Shabad reports for The Hill.