Yellen would be tougher on banks

After reviewing speeches, meeting transcripts and testimony, The Center for Public Integrity writes a lengthy profile of how Janet Yellen would direct the Federal Reserve Bank if she’s confirmed as chairwoman. She was also interviewed for the story. 

Israel objects to cutback of US aid to Egypt

The New York Times reports Israel is not happy with the Obama administration’s suggestion that military aid to Egypt will be cut because of the violent overthrow of Mohamed Morsi this year. 

Contractors may not receive pay

Despite new laws that require government employees and Defense Department workers be paid by the end of the shutdown, furloughed contractors probably won’t be. The Washington Post reports

Fallen troops’ families will get benefits after all

The government shutdown caused an uproar in Washington over families of the fallen not receiving benefits as a result. NBC News reports the Fisher House Foundation will cover them. The House voted unanimously Wednesday to also fund the system. 


GOP gets worst approval rating from Gallup

Only 28 percent of people in the U.S. have a favorable view of the Republican Party, according to a new Gallup poll. The Hill’s Jon Easley reports it’s the worst rating the GOP has ever gotten from Gallup. 

Christie visits GOP on the Hill

The Hill’s Emily Goodin reports New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was on Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon for a closed-door meeting with senators from his party.