Dems exposed on spending
George Will at The Washington Post says that when Democrats declined a weekend deal to reopen the government, it exposed them as big-spending liberals.

Republicans in crisis
Steve Bennen at The Maddow Blog says this is not a normal dysfunctional government, and that Republicans are to blame.

The Tea Party’s quixotic battle over the WWII Memorial
Dave Weigel at Slate takes a look at the Sarah Palin-led weekend protest.

ObamaCare’s serious complications
L. Gordon Crovitz at The Wall Street Journal breaks down the problems facing the Affordable Care Act.


Most Republicans oppose GOP’s budget strategy
Mario Trujillo at The Hill has the latest bad polling data for the GOP.

Gibbs laments ObamaCare rollout
Sam Baker at The Hill reports that the former White House spokesman wants to see heads roll over the rollout.